Dr. Robert Shedinger

Radically Open: Transcending Religious Identity in an Age of Anxiety

America stands in the throes of an anxiety epidemic, yet Americans live in one of the most religious countries in the world? Shouldn't people with deep spiritual roots be less vulnerable to emotional suffering? Such an enigma stands at the center of this book, but the enigma turns out to be more apparent than real.

Was Jesus a Muslim?

By Dr. Ahmed Afzaal
I f asked this question, Muslims
would immediately and emphatically
respond in the affirmative. Of course
he was a Muslim, they would say, since
he was a noble prophet and a messenger
of Allah (SWT). Indeed, they
would see this question as a typical “nobrainer,”
for even a Muslim child could
answer it correctly without too much
thinking. But what if this question
was aimed not at Muslims but at Christians?
How would contemporary
American Christians respond to the

Concept of God in Judaic, Christian and Islamic Traditions: Preface by Dr. Robert F. Shedinger

In response to the creation story found in the Bible someone once quipped, “God created humans in his image and then humans turned around and returned the favor.” That there is great truth in this aphorism is well demonstrated by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah’s magisterial study of the tendencies toward anthropomorphism and transcendence in the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic theological traditions.

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